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Pre-Workout without The Prep

We’re here to shake up the pre-workout market with a product that simply works better

Pre-workout shakes and drinks help you to reach your potential, but the products themselves are lacking in performance. We hate bulky tubs of powder, messy mixing and feeling full before a workout. We hate waiting half an hour for that boost to kick in. We hate anything that makes us feel like we’re not getting the most out of a workout.

After putting up with underperforming performance boosters for years, we decided it was time for a change.

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Surge Gum gets rid of everything you hate about pre-workout

If you’ve used pre-workout before, you’ll know that it’s far from a perfect product. Surge Gum is a faster, cleaner and more convenient pre-workout in chewable form. Switch to Surge and you can say goodbye to disappointing pre-workout powders and gummies.

surge gum no bulky tubs

No bulky tubs
of powder

Surge Gum fits in your pocket and is easy to share with your workout crew.

surge gum no messy mixing

No messy

Surge Gum is ready to chew, so there’s nothing to prep or clean up.

surge gum no feeling full

No feeling full
Or Bloated

Surge Gum just needs to be chewed to release a burst of energy.

surge gum no waiting

No waiting

Surge Gum gets to work in 3–5 minutes to maximise your time and energy.

Don’t put up with inferior pre-workout products.

Our dedication to your performance

We exist to support people with a passion for greatness. Surge Gum is the ultimate gym buddy, helping you to not only excel but to exceed. We put everything you need to be the best version of yourself right in your pocket. We spot you for more reps. We beat personal bests. We unlock your potential. And we do it all faster and cheaper than anyone else.

surge gum authenticity


Surge Gum is an honest, authentic brand that consumers can be proud to engage with. We’re passionate about health and fitness, and share the same joys our customers do when they hit a new personal best or nail that perfect form.

surge gum innovation


We’re not about following trends. Surge Gum is a market-disrupting product that not only highlights the flaws with traditional pre-workout products but bursts onto the scene with solutions.

surge gum performance


We care about performance and nutrition, not fads and gimmicks. We’re dedicated to using all-natural ingredients and educating our audience about the science behind our product to take our place as a serious market contender.

surge gum community


Our customers belong to a community of ambitious individuals with a passion for health, fitness and self-improvement. We support and engage with this community by offering shareable products that align with our audience’s goals and passions.

The Chew Review

Hear from real fitness enthusiasts about the power of Surge Gum.

“Really enjoyed the no-fuss effectiveness of Surge Gum. Gave me a good buzz to work out and tastes great. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more!”

Kerry – Brisbane

“As someone who doesn’t like to drink pre-workout, I was very excited to try Surge Gum. It was so convenient and, for someone that can struggle with energy for a big cardio session, it definitely gave me the boost I needed.”

Liz – Sydney

“It was super easy to take on my way to the gym and I was surprised at the how much energy it gave me for my workout”

Sam – Brisbane
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Chewable Energy On Demand

Chewable Energy On Demand

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Surge Gum

Surge Gum

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