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Power In Your Pocket

Fast Track Your Performance With SURGE Caffeinated Infused CHEWING GUM




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Power In Your Pocket

Fast Track Your Performance With SURGE Caffeinated Infused CHEWING GUM

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No Gimmicks, All Science

Traditional pre-workout caffeine products are absorbed in your stomach (like coffee), so they take around 30 minutes to enter your bloodstream and give you that mind energy boost.

Surge Gum is absorbed right in your mouth through the membranes in your cheeks and under your tongue, entering your bloodstream and boosting your energy in 3-5 minutes.

Most caffeine pre-workout products use artificial caffeine and are packed with scary additives you can’t pronounce. Our caffeinated chewing gum is made from all natural ingredients with no BS!

Your Questions Answered

We’re shaping the future of caffeinated infused chewing gum, so the way Surge works is a little different than what you’re used to.

Why is Surge Gum better than other pre-workout products?

Surge Gum is 5x faster than the alternatives. It releases caffeine directly into your mouth, where it enters your bloodstream in 3–5 minutes. Pre-workout supplements that are swallowed release caffeine into your digestive system instead, taking around 30 minutes to reach your bloodstream.

Surge Gum is ready to take, so there’s nothing to mix, prep or clean. Just pop it in your mouth and chew, then chuck it in the bin when you’re done. And a whole pack is small enough to fit in your pocket, unlike bulky tubs of pre-workout powder.

What is Surge Gum for?

Surge Gum is a fast-acting pre-workout product that helps to increase your energy, stamina and focus. It’s not just for the gym; chew it whenever you want to increase your physical or mental performance, and enjoy a surge of energy to help you achieve more.

What are the active ingredients in Surge Gum?

Surge Gum contains natural caffeine to increase your energy and fast-track your performance. Unlike other pre-workout products, we never use artificial caffeine, giving you a cleaner, more natural boost.

How many pieces should I chew?

Surge Gum is designed to deliver a single serving of energy in each piece, but see what works best for you. Never chew more than 2 pieces of Surge gum per day.

How much caffeine does one serving contain?

Each serving of one piece contains 200mg of natural caffeine.

When should I chew Surge Gum?

Surge Gum delivers fast-acting energy that gets to work in 3–5 minutes, so there’s no waiting around. Chew Surge right before you need a performance boost, but avoid it 4 hours before sleeping.

How long do the effects last?

The effects vary from person to person, and how many pieces you chew. A single serving should deliver 2–4 hours of high-performance energy.

How many servings are in each pack?

There are 30 servings in a pack, putting an entire month’s worth of fast-acting energy right in your pocket.

Don’t put up with inferior caffeinated chewing gum products. Ask Us!

Unlock Chewable Performance On Demand With Surge Gum

Tired of expensive caffeinated chewing gum products that don’t deliver on their promises? So are we. That’s why we created Surge Gum.

Surge Gum is a revolutionary new caffeinated chewing gum product that gives you fast-acting energy whenever you need it. Each pack delivers 30 servings of performance-boosting natural caffeine to supercharge your workout, with no prep, no mess, and no bloat.

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Out With The Old, In With The Chew

Surge Gum is here to shake up the caffeinated chewing gum market with a product that simply works better. See how our fast-acting gum compares to pre-workout powders and gummies.

Pre-Workout Powders
Pre-Workout Gummies
Energy Level
Activation Speed
3-5 Mintues
Surge is 5x faster than the alternatives
30+ Mintues
More time waiting around
30+ Mintues
Less time working out
Surge is ready when you are
5+ Mintues
Scoop, measure & shake
Ready to take
Clean Up Time
Surge just needs a convenient bin
5+ Mintues
Wash & dry your shaker every time you use it
Just chew & swallow
No. Of Ingredients
Surge is all natural with no BS
Packed with artifical BS
Not vegan or veggie
per piece of gum
Per shake
Per gummy

Don’t put up with inferior pre-workout products.

The Chew Review

Hear from real fitness enthusiasts about the power of Surge Gum.

“Really enjoyed the no-fuss effectiveness of Surge Gum. Gave me a good buzz to work out and tastes great. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more!”

Kerry – Brisbane

“As someone who doesn’t like to drink pre-workout, I was very excited to try Surge Gum. It was so convenient and, for someone that can struggle with energy for a big cardio session, it definitely gave me the boost I needed.”

Liz – Sydney

“It was super easy to take on my way to the gym and I was surprised at the how much energy it gave me for my workout”

Sam – Brisbane
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Chewable Energy On Demand

Chewable Energy On Demand

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